Episode 5

Published on:

8th May 2020

SPX Weekly Options With Al Losada (Part 1)

Special guest Al Losada is on the show today talking SPX options trading. The episode went over an hour so I decided to split into two separate episodes. 

In this first episode, Al and I discuss how we both ended up trading SPX options. One commonality we shared was a book we both read that helped get us into SPX credit spreads called Profiting with Iron Condor Options by Michael Hanania Benklifa.

This book had a big influence on our trading and its a great read for those interested in trading index option spreads. 

Al Losada is the founder of Simple Option Strategies. Here are a few ways to find more about him online.

Website: https://www.simpleoptionstrategies.com/

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/simpleoptionstrategies

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZVqsvTI4oZcXLjt_0JQ5Fg

In the coming Part 2 episode, we'll be discussing an SPX credit spread strategy with weekly options that expire the same day. This is referred to as Zero DTE spreads. 

Thanks for listening and stayed tuned for Part 2 of trading SPX options with Al Losada.

J. Eric O'Rourke


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